WomensLax.com provides industry-leading instruction, unique events, business management and development services, and extensive coverage of the game. Our goal is to spread passion and knowledge of lacrosse to youth and high school athletes around the country – from Seattle to Los Angeles, Texas to Illinois, Long Island to Lake Placid. We wholeheartedly believe that sports empower young girls, develop them into greater individuals, confident leaders, and position them strongly for success across all facets of life. WomensLax.com has access to the game’s top coaches and most prolific collegiate players; we aim to provide the highest quality service to young girls who strive to be the best lacrosse players they can be.

Ashley Gersuk: CEO & Owner, WomensLax.com LLC

Gersuk grew up in upstate New York, loving sports from her earliest days of street hockey and baseball in the neighborhood. After a successful high school career, Gersuk was given the opportunity to compete at the Division I collegiate level, for the newly resurrected Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team. She had the privilege of being a goalie and team captain for four years in Evanston. The experience of building a program from scratch was incredibly unique, challenging, and fulfilling – none more so than its culmination, a 2005 National Championship. Gersuk is incredibly grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and friendships that lacrosse has afforded her over the years, and reveled at the opportunity to continue her love for the game with a career in sports marketing. An individual who is excited by a challenge and inspired by potential, Gersuk relishes in the entrepreneurial spirit required to own and build a business.

Blake Schierer: Business & Operations Manager, WomensLax.com LLC

Schierer grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, spending his days in ice rinks playing hockey and his nights learning guitar.  After hanging up the skates, he made his way to the world of lacrosse while attending Glenbrook North High School.  Needing a change, Schierer moved to the unrivaled Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Montana where he would pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. Never losing his love for all things sports (especially Chicago sports!), he began to seek a career where he would be able to use his talents, dedication, drive, and passion. Blake was introduced to Ashley Gersuk and the rest is history.  Schierer is eternally grateful to be involved in the growth and spread of a sport that is so close to his heart, evidenced by his dedication to WomensLax.com.